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There in an increasing demand for naturally produced beef, cattle which have been reared on grass; this is the way to maximise your profits.  Using Native Angus bulls, with no imported bloodlines, will help to shorten the gestation period of the calf, which leads to an easier calving.  Calving problems cost you money with the vet fees and deaths, and shortens the length of the cow’s reproductive life.  Your profit is the difference between these production costs and the sale price.

We have a selection of semen available for worldwide distribution from our Native Angus bulls, including our newest bull, Dunlouise Red Eddard.

BULLS -From data submitted by ranchers to the American Angus Association, our Native Angus bulls fair superbly for Cow Energy Value:-

Dunlouise Commander Bond - +86.36 (top 1%) (top photo)
Dunlouise Cortachy Boy - +84.82 (top 1%) (bottom left)
Dunlouise Jipsey Earl - +39.51 (top 2%) (bottom right)

This means daughters of these bulls are extremely feed and cost efficient.


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Our Bulls

Dunlouise Red Eddard - unique as he is totally Native bred

Semen now available for worldwide distribution; the first US consignment to arrive late January 2015.  His paternal Grandfather Evesund of Duppin was the twice Royal Highland Show winner in the 1970s.  Eddard’s maternal side includes the great Cherry Bee B117 and Dunlouise Emma BO70, who is still in production aged 14.



Dunlouise Jipsey Earl

Jipsey Earl

“Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 has earned an impressive Milk EPD of +42 in America which ranks him in the top fraction of one percent among 23,448 current sires evaluated in the American Angus Association database by measure of the outstanding productivity of his daughters who also consistently combine excellent fleshing ability, natural thickness, structural soundness, early puberty, breed character and their own distinctive look of quality. Although he was bred and selected for the desirable attributes of his 100% native Scotch pedigree rather than by EPDs, he has also emerged as a unique proven sire with positive rankings for multiple other traits as well including calving-ease, fertility, docility, muscle and moderate mature size. Now more than ever, this living legend is established as a true one-of-a-kind bull with no peer in the Aberdeen-Angus breed.”

(Kurt Schaff, Angus Hall of Fame MO, USA)


Pathfinder Certificate

Thank you to all our American customers whose data has resulted in Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 earning the Pathfinder Sire Award.  This award is for producing daughters who have early calving, regularity of calving and exceptional weaning weights.

From data submitted by American Angus breeders, Dunlouise Jipsey Earl (Native Angus) is not only a Pathfinder Sire and high in milk production, but also in the top 1% for calving ease and for heifer pregnancy rates. (AAA epds).


Dunlouise Cup Bearer

“Dunlouise Cup Bearer H283 is quite possibly the greatest individual bull ever produced in the Dunlouise program. 
Powerfully constructed and heavy muscles, he represents the finest of the Scotch breeding”.

(Quote from the Angus Legends special edition set)


Cortachy Boy


Dunlouise Commander Bond


Dunlouise Excalibur


Roberto of Newcroft

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