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Having been born in the county of Angus, here in Eastern Scotland, I spent my early years training to be a cattle auctioneer with the local market.  Australia beckoned and I did various jobs in NSW and Queensland over a 2 year period before returning to Scotland.  My full time job for the next number of years was buying barley for the whisky trade; during this time I also ran commercial cattle on a rented farm.  By 1995, having acquired a wife and Kingston Farm, we moved from commercial cattle into pedigree Angus. (Geordie)

One of the first two cows we bought was a Native Angus and realising the merits and rarity of these beautiful animals, it took 12 years of persistent searching to finally acquire all 9 families left in existence.  This rare and valuable breeding was almost completely extinct.




"Geordie has created, from the last handful of 100% Native Origin females in existence, a one of a kind herd."
Kurt Schaff (Angus Hall of Fame, MO)



Kingston Farm
Kingston Farm
Quality from pasture to plate is the heart of the matter!
Quality from pasture to plate is the heart of the matter!
Kingston Farm - Winter
Kingston Farm - Winter


Duncan & Louise

Duncan and Louise are the owners of the unique small herd of Native red Angus cattle here at Dunlouise.

Duncan has had a very exciting 2 years, working initially for our West Minster MP, buying a small farm close to Kingston, and has just started work again after lockdown as a Project Manager for Migso PCubed.

And Louise is still our resident vet and working for Thrums Vets in Angus!


Local Area

Hugh Watson’s grave at Newtyle Church, 10 miles from our farm.
Weekly Sunday service at 10 am - ALL VERY WELCOME















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Kingston Farm
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