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Semen available for sale in the USA:

  • Dunlouise Jipsey Earl
  • Dunlouise Cortachy Boy
  • Dunlouise Kinsman
  • Dunlouise Excalibur
  • Dunlouise Red Eddard

Semen available for sale in Canada:

  • Dunlouise Jipsey Earl
  • Dunlouise Red Eddard
  • Dunlouise Newman

Semen available for sale in Europe including the UK:

  • Dunlouise Jipsey Earl
  • Dunlouise Mr Brexit
  • Dunlouise Jipsey Uprising
  • Dunlouise Excalibur
  • Dunlouise Evesund
  • Dunlouise Red Eddard

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Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Mr Brexit

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Jipsey Uprising


One of the very best and rarest families in existence in the breed, the Jipsey family was founded in the Dunlouise programme with the phenomenal mother/daughter pair, Jipsey Nova of Cannahars and Cannahars Jipsey Yoko Y485. Cannahars Jipsey Yoko Y485 proved to be one of the most powerful and impressive daughters of the Perth Supreme Champion Betro of Classlochie. Representing the best in line breeding, her daughter, Dunlouise Clova CO95, produced Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 the great breeding bull who has seen international AI use through the Genex CRI AI stud. Dunlouise Jipsey Earl E161 is sired by Betro of Classlochie, the same sire as his powerful grand dam and features a pedigree which also traces four times to Rambler of Newcroft, twice to Rockie of Woodview and once to his full brother Woodview Rorie and five times to the Betrothed family.

The Jipsey family originated at The Spott at the very top of Glen Prosen here in Angus, with Old Jip (965) in 1862 bred by Arch Whyte.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle


Every single female in our herd of the Erica family stems from Ejeta of Templehouse, our foundation female who enjoyed a long and productive life in her 19 years.  Her matings with Evesund of Dupplin produced the Genex/CRI sire Dunlouise Excalibur.  Her matings with Betro of Classlochie produced four fantastic full sisters, Dunlouise Elmarie YO71, Dunlouise Elissa AO22, Dunlouise Ejeta C105 and Dunlouise Ellen E149.

Ejeta traces back to Emily (332) born in 1852, sired by Old Jock (1) bred by Hugh Watson of Keillor, Angus, Scotland.  Emily was the dam of Erica (843) sired by Cupbearer (59) bred by the Earl of Southesk, Kinnaird Castle, Brechin, Angus, and sold to Sir George McPherson-Grant of Ballindalloch.  Sir George McPherson-Grant played a huge part in making the Ericas the largest and most sought after family.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Egrit - Erica Family

Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom family was established here with Cherry Bee W9 of Champagne and her daughters who are full sisters, Champagne Cherry Bee B117 and Champagne Cherry Bee AO46. Champagne Cherry Bee B117 is the dam of the Genex/CRI sires Dunlouise Cortachy Boy D137, Dunlouise Commander Bond F176 and Dunlouise Cup Bearer H283. Champagne Cherry Blossom AO51 was another outstanding foundation female from this family who has left her mark in the herd.

This family is the only branch to survive of the Craigo family. These originated from a mating of Young Craigo with Craigo (260), bred by Captain Carnegie of Craigo, Montrose, Angus.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Carla Belle - Cherry Blossom Family

Kindness Prides

This family stems from Karen of Boghall, the very first Native female bought by ourselves in 1995. Her son Dunlouise Kinsman was the first Native Angus bull to have semen marketed in the US.

This family traces back through the famous Lola Montes (208) which was bred by William McCombie of Tillyfour and Queen Mother (348) to Queen of Ardovie born in 1836 and bred by W Fullerton of Ardestie, Angus.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Kayleigh - Kindness Pride Family

Ruth of Tillyfour

The extremely rare family comes from Ruby 5th of Newcroft who was acquired at 11 years of age. She stems from a third dam who is a full sister to the great breeding bull Rambler of Newcroft, descending from the noted Ruby of Loanhead. Ruby 5th and Roberto of Newcroft share the same dam.

The original Ruth of Tillyfour was a daughter of Beauty of Tillyfour 2nd (1180) bred by Hugh Watson and bought with her daughter Miss Watson (987) at the Keillor dispersion in 1861 by William McCombie.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Rose - Ruth of Tillyfour


The Eulimas are a tribe of the Erica family which have been in the very capable hands of the Goodson family in the Scottish borders for many generations. These trace back through Enchantress (981) and her daughter Eugenie of Ballindalloch (4170), to Emily (332) bred at Keillor by Hugh Watson.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Eulima Marty

Miss Burgess

The matriarch Miss Burgess (1198) was bred by Alexander Burgess, Slack of Ballindalloch in 1861, the sire being King Charles (236), and the dam was an unregistered polled cow. One of her grand daughters, Maid of Aven, was a prolific show winner, being first at the Highland Show in 1881 and had an honourable mention at the Great Paris Exhibition of 1878. Ballot of Belladrum breed Champion at both the Highland and Royal in 1957 was probably the most successful and influential of all the bulls exported to the USA.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Miss Burgess

Nell of Aldbar

The Nells of Aldbar may be accepted as the oldest family in the breed; the line can be traced back with considerable assurance to the original black polled cattle that were at Aldbar Castle, near Brechin, Angus in the middle of the 18th century.  They were known as the “Sheriff’s breed” from the fact that they were the favourites of Sheriff Patrick Chalmers 1777 -1826, owner of the estate.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Neeve - Nells of Aldbar

Prides of Aberdeen

Although the foundation cow of this family, Pride of Aberdeen (581), was bred by William McCombie of Tillyfour in 1857, the family actually traces back through Charlotte (203), Lola Montes and Queen Mother (348) sired by the famous Panmure (51) to Queen of Ardovie (29), bred by W Fullerton, Ardestie in Angus. To quote William Joss, herdsman at Tillyfour, “Pride of Aberdeen (581) was the nearest to perfection to an animal I have ever seen!” Our Pride of Aberdeen is Eversfield Pumpkin F378, and having collected embryos from her we hope to have several Dunlouise Prides of Aberdeen this year.

Dunlouise Jipsey Halle

Dunlouise Poppy - Prides of Aberdeen


In 1967 there were only about 6 representatives of this obscure family left, but the founding cows were referred to as “formidable”. The founding cow Sinna Cooty was bred in 1881 by J W Leggat from Turriff but latterly the only cows were found around Co Down in Northern Ireland. We have introduced this family into the Dunlouise programme through the male side, using Drumalee Recorder and we are awaiting our first calves from him.

Georgina of Burnside

The Georginas, one of the strongest families in the herd book in the 1960s, with many of them owned by Sir George Macpherson-Grant in 1884, were popular on both sides of the Atlantic.

They can be traced back to Burnside of Ballindalloch in Speyside, Banffshire and this family is noted for their longevity. The Georginas were widely used all over the UK in the 1960s with various progeny repeatedly winning at Perth, The Highland and Royal Shows along with the Great Yorkshire Show! These bloodlines have been found as far afield as New Zealand prior to the 2nd world war.

Again we have introduced these proven bloodlines into our herd through the male line, using Generic of Cavan and siring a particularly nice bull – Dunlouise Newtyle.

This bull has good length and we are expecting calves from him in early 2018.

Lady Haddo

By the 1960s there were very few of this cow family left in existence, most of which were located in Ireland, at Bohey Co. Longford. Very little is recorded about this family but we are keeping our bloodlines as wide as possible and have used Jubilant 2nd of Bohey here at Dunlouise. Indeed this bull sired the 16,000 gns bull Dunlouise Newman at our sale this summer, bought by Harrison O’Connor of Saddle Butte Ranch, Montana, USA.