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There in an increasing demand for naturally produced beef, cattle which have been reared on grass; this is the way to maximise your profits.  Using Native Angus bulls, with no imported bloodlines, will help to shorten the gestation period of the calf, which leads to an easier calving.  Calving problems cost you money with the vet fees and deaths, and shortens the length of the cow’s reproductive life.  Your profit is the difference between these production costs and the sale price.

We have a selection of semen available for worldwide distribution from our Native Angus bulls, including our newest bull, Dunlouise Red Eddard.

BULLS -From data submitted by ranchers to the American Angus Association, our Native Angus bulls fair superbly for Cow Energy Value:-

Dunlouise Commander Bond - +86.36 (top 1%) (top photo)
Dunlouise Cortachy Boy - +84.82 (top 1%) (bottom left)
Dunlouise Jipsey Earl - +39.51 (top 2%) (bottom right)

This means daughters of these bulls are extremely feed and cost efficient.


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