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Dunlouise Angus

Our traditional Aberdeen Angus have no imported bloodlines. We are working with original British genetics and are currently using bulls which date back at least 50 years; bringing new life to old bloodlines.

Dunlouise - created from the names of our children, Duncan and Louise

And Native Angus?

Well, this is a term that was agreed by the Aberdeen Angus Society and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, with Geordie.

Native Angus are those cattle which can be continuously traced back to the origin of the breed, with no imported bloodlines, and are marked on the pedigree and in the herd book “Native bred”. The blueprint of the breed.

The provenance of these original Angus can be traced back 180 years, producing a high quality carcass on grass alone. These moderate framed cattle created the world renown eating quality; taste from the back fat and a buttery texture from the marbling. All of which results in a melt in the mouth experience!



Many years ago, when I started preserving the original Scottish Aberdeen Angus bloodlines, I realised that Dunlouise needed a unique way to mark these cattle out for their special and distinguishing characteristics. In a meeting with the Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in 2001, we agreed on the term “Native Angus®” to signify cattle that have no imported bloodlines anywhere in their pedigree.

Now that users around the world are re-discovering the benefits of these iconic Native Angus® and the popularity of the cattle has grown internationally, the term Native Angus® has become well recognised as signifying low input, sustainable, easy fleshing cattle which is exactly what our fore-fathers intended for the breed. We believe it is in all our interests to protect the integrity of these cattle.

It is our belief that with demand for Native Cattle still well exceeding supply, we are at risk of others trying to ride on the back of the Native Angus® brand name. We are extremely grateful to John Hendry from Onyx Park for the many hours of diligent hard work identifying a route towards protecting all Native Angus® breeders. He has been instrumental in creating a certification mark for the Native Angus®.

What is a certification mark?
A certification mark is a form of trademark which in the case of the Native Angus® is that the cattle are the direct descendants of original Angus cattle and have no ancestors in their pedigree that are not also descendants of those original Angus cattle.

Why is this necessary?
Primarily to protect your interests from false claims which of course dilutes the Native Angus® name and risks undermining all your work and investment.  The Certification Mark provides a legal protection for the use of the term "Native Angus®”.

Why join the society?
The objective of the Native Angus® Preservation Society is to secure the future of Native Angus® cattle by

  • Promoting an understanding of the ancestry of Native Angus® cattle,
  • Providing an understanding of benefits to cattle farming generally from the use of Native Angus® genetics,
  • Providing a means of certification of genuine Native Angus® cattle,
  • Encouraging the breeding and registration of Native Angus® cattle, and
  • Preventing as far as possible any diminution of the breed which might result from misrepresentation of animals which are not genuine Native Angus® cattle.   

To be successful, the Society needs a strong voice, not just in the UK but internationally. This can only be achieved by having active members throughout the world assisting in achieving the Society’s objective. So, if you see value in preserving Native Angus® - the blueprint of the breed – and would like to help, please consider joining the Society.

We are often asked if we “do numbers”, and we do.
The numbers that matter include a short gestation period and a low birth weight = easy calving.

Aiming for 50% of the mother’s body weight at weaning on milk alone.

Zero days on supplementary feeding.
All adding up to an increased profit margin.

Rediscover the docility and easy fleshing of these original Angus bloodlines. Breed for conformation not feed for conformation, getting back to basics.


Full blood Native Angus may not suit your style of farming, or your customer base at this moment, but using Native Angus semen over your cows to reduce their frame score and add considerable fleshing to your animals, would be an advantage. Who can afford not to rediscover the natural benefits of these bloodlines by using semen on a portion of their herd.

These hardy, grass converters were bred to thrive in a variety of conditions; from the Andes in Colombia to the plains of Montana, and the heat of Australia to the frozen land of Sweden.

We have the ultimate STABILISER with our Native Angus cattle, based on 200 years of breeding.

These line bred cattle fix a type of amazing constitution and maternal ability, which makes them work in a huge diversity of conditions. The all time greats of the Angus breed occur in the pedigrees of most of our cow families, making them time proven and of unrivalled provenance. The Native Angus offer you a 650 kg cow with unparalleled fleshing ability, but crucially with minimal inputs.

Randomly bred cattle will breed randomly, irrespective of any allocated numbers.

Ideal to use Native Angus semen on your dairy herd to flesh the male calves.

Dunlouise Angus
Dunlouise Angus
Dunlouise Angus

We do not vaccinate so live cattle can be exported to Europe.
Semen is available worldwide with stocks being held in the UK, America, Canada and Australia.

Flushing for embryos is done to order for worldwide distribution.

All a well trodden path.

Your route back into the style of Angus which made this breed a household name the world over, is simply a phonecall away: (01144) 01307 462784
or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rediscover the benefits!

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Kingston Farm
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